Don't Leave Unsightly Tree Stumps in Your Yard

Don't Leave Unsightly Tree Stumps in Your Yard

Schedule stump grinding services in Gerald, Sullivan & Union, MO

You finally got rid of that hazardous tree that was growing too close to your home, but now you have a tree stump in your yard. Don't try to remove it on your own-reach out to us for help. Coopers Handyman and Stump Removal provides stump grinding services for homeowners in the Gerald, Sullivan & Union, MO areas.

We'll use powerful equipment to grind your stump all the way down below dirt level, ensuring that nothing is left. We can fill the hole so that you have a smooth, even landscape. You can even use the shavings as mulch-or you can ask us to haul it away for you.

Call 636-584-9761 now to arrange for stump grinding services.

What problems can tree stumps cause?

Tree stumps are unsightly, and they're a hazard to your landscape. If you don't schedule stump removal services, you could face serious issues, like:

  • Toxic fungi growth
  • Lawn disease
  • Pest infestations

Don't put your property at risk. Reach out to us today to set up stump removal services.